Peek tubes

Tubes made of polyaryletheretherketone, or PEEK for short, are distinguished above all by a particularly high degree of hardness and a reliable resistance to chemicals. Because of these properties PEEK tubing is mainly used for high-pressure requirements and laboratory applications. The basic colour of PEEK is medium brown to grey.
However, by adding colouring agents the hoses can be produced in various colours on request. Coloured 'bar codes' can also be applied to the PEEK tubes to mark certain standard sizes.
Where the chemical resistance of PEEK tubing does not meet our customer's requirements, a two-layer design can be provided for. In that case, a tube made of Teflon® PTFE is applied to the inside of the outer PEEK hose. This construction guarantees maximum resistance to chemicals inside the tube, combined with an excellent resistance to pressure.

Product Facts and Data at a Glance

  • ultra-hard material
  • reliable resistance to chemicals
  • high resistance to pressure
  • stable at temperatures up to + 228 °C
  • available in various colours
  • colour 'bar coding1 on request
  • also available with PTFE liner for improved resistance to chemicals


Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes
PEEK Tubing Fluortek Duoline PEEK Hoses with PTFE liner
Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
0,25 1/16"    
0,50 1/16" 0,30 1/16"
0,75 1/16" 0,40 1/16"
1,00 1/16" 0,50 1/16"
0,75 1/8" 0,60 1/16"
1,60 1/8" 1,60 1/8"
2,00 1/8" 3,20 1/4"
3,20 1/4"    

Other sizes available on request.